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Cape Town Accommodation Information in South Africa - A complete guide: holiday apartments, hotels, guest houses, luxury villas, self catering accommodation and bed & breakfasts


Are you coming to South Africa on holiday? If you are looking for a Cape Town accommodation and a suitable rental car; then we have the perfect combo deal for you! As flight prices are rising and general cost of living is on the up, we have decided to give something back to our loyal customers. As such, we try to make your holiday to Cape Town a bit more affordable or you can use the money you will save to explore more areas of the beautiful Mother City!

We offer specials on rental cars when choosing any of these accommodation groups

  1. Self-Catering Holiday Homes
  2. Guesthouses & Hotels

Group 1:

Self-Catering Accommodation - Coupon worth 30 - 200 ZAR per day staying in Cape Town


Price of Accommodation per Day


Rental Car Coupon per Day
ZAR 500   30 ZAR
ZAR 800   50 ZAR
ZAR 1000   80 ZAR
ZAR 1.500   100 ZAR
ZAR 2.000   120 ZAR
ZAR 3.000   150 ZAR
ZAR 5.000   200 ZAR

Group 2

Hotels & Guesthouses- Coupons worth 15 - 100 ZAR per day staying in Cape Town


Price of Accommodation per Day


Rental Car Coupon per Day
ZAR 500   15 ZAR
ZAR 800   25 ZAR
ZAR 1000   40 ZAR
ZAR 1.500   50 ZAR
ZAR 2.000   60 ZAR
ZAR 3.000   75 ZAR
ZAR 5.000   100 ZAR

How it works!

For example, if you choose a self-catering holiday home for R2000 per day for a duration of 14 days you will receive a coupon worth R120 for each day that you rent a car. As a result, you receive a total discount of R1.680! Just mention the 'Combo Coupon' when you decide to contact us! 

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Additional Information

  • Promotion starts on 3 October
  • Coupons cannot be used for bookings made prior to 3 October
  • Coupons are valid for bookings made as of 3 October 
  • This promotion is valid for all accommodation listed on websites by Ritztrade International.
  • If you decide to cancel you accommodation booking, the coupon will become invalid.
  • Coupons can be deducted from your final payment or paid to your account directly.
  • We will accept bookings for until April!

We hope you have a pleasant stay in Cape Town and come back soon!

Your Ritztrade Team!