Ratanga Junction - Cape Town Theme Park

Ratanga Junction is the biggest theme park in Cape Town and offers fun for the entire family. The Cobra - a huge roller coaster - is the main attraction along with the water ride: Monkey Falls.


Ratanga Junction Theme Park

Just 15 km from the city center of Cape Town, a world filled with adventure and thrills awaits you at the Ratanga Junction Theme Park. The Theme Park offers something for everyone - white-knuckle thrill rides for the more intrepid adrenalin junkies, kiddy rides and rides for the whole family and those who prefer to take their thrills in more manageable doses, boat rides and train rides, snake shows and bird shows, souvenir shops and restaurants.

Our advice is to start the day early - with so much to do and see, time will fly and you'll wish the hours were longer.

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Adult Rides

The Cobra is one of the most challenging rides, a suspended looping coaster that catapults riders from a height of 34m along a track 910 meters long, at up to 4 times the force of gravity and speeds of close to 100km per hour. This ride is not for the faint-hearted.

The Sling Shot is a high adrenaline ride, rated as one of the most thrilling extreme rides in the world. Combining elements from skydiving and hang-gliding, riders can enjoy the exhilarating sensations experienced in these two sports without the costs or the training. All you need are nerves of steel. This is the ultimate thrill ride - they simply don't come scarier than this.

Junior Rides

The Bar-One Bushwhacker is a family coaster ride through the jungle. Presented by Nestle, this ride is fun for the whole family and an ideal initiation into the world of roller coasters.

The Diamond Devil Run is a "runaway mine train" roller coaster, providing medium thrill fun for the whole family. The rules are simple - "No brakes, no limits!"

Water Rides

With a fall of 18,5 meters, Monkey Falls is one of the highest waterfall rides in the world and is counted among the most thrilling rides at Ratanga Junction.

A rapid river ride takes you through the man-made Crocodile Gorge, through the jungle and under a crashed aircraft. A great family ride, where dodging the waterfalls and braving the gorge are the name of the game, and getting soaking wet is inevitable and half the fun.


Ratanga Junction Theme Park offers a host of live entertainment over the December and January holidays. Awaken the natural music within yourself with the Cape Minstrel Group and the Song Spinners … let our interesting and entertaining snake shows enthrall and educate you … be amazed by the assortment of exotic birds and birds of prey featured in our stunning new bird show …


Ratanga Junction offers its visitors a unique range of merchandise. Once again catering for the whole family, from the teeny tots through the teenage years to the parents and grandparents - trendy gear, souvenirs and mementos are available for everyone's tastes. Some of the most popular retail outlets include the Creatorium, the Animechanic Sweet Factory and Snakebite Jones' Trading Post.

Feeding The Family

No matter which ride you've just enjoyed, Ratanga Junction offers fast food outlets throughout the Theme Park to strengthen the weak knees. Examples are Smittie's Braai in Diamond Devil Mine Town, the Nescafe Bar at Ratanga Crossing, Monkey Braai near the Monkey Falls and a choice of many within The Walled City - including Signor Mozzarella, Jive Café and Pep's Chicken Run.

At the end of the day, once the adrenaline wears off and the stomach starts rumbling, treat yourself to a delicious meal at the Bundu Café and Grill. This fun-filled family restaurant is set among the rocks and waterfalls, against the backdrop of a giant baobab tree. Overlooking the Ratanga River in the relaxed atmosphere of this robust eatery, now is the right time to lean back and say …

. . . a good time was had by all . . .