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The beaches in Clifton are regarded as one of the most trendiest ones and are therefore often overcrowded during the summer. The water is mostly cold and even during the summer the ocean never reaches a temperature of above 18 degrees. Most beach visitors limit themselves to relaxing, tanning or playing sports on the beach. South of the golf course in the direction of Camps Bay you will find the popular "La Med", a beach bar where you will be able to experience a beautiful sunset while drinking some of the best Cape Town cocktails. Since its growth in popularity, there are also many Clifton Accommodation options available in this suburb of Cape Town. Below you will find pictures of the suburb of Clifton - Click on each photo to view it in its original size.

Clifton Beach Cape Town Beach
Clifton Cape Town Clifton Cape Town
Clifton Beach
Clifton Capetown Clifton Cape Town


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