Muizenberg Pictures

Pictures of the beach and region of Muizenberg. Find beautiful photos and images of this calm suburb in Cape Town.


The beaches in Muizenberg are long and beautiful. To add to the fund and excitement, a small water park for children is situated near the Muizenberg beach. A further highlight is the nature reserve Rondevlei. Here you can admire many wild birds, as well as a few hippos. The nature reserve is open daily and bird watchers will be amazed at the variety of bird species living in this area. Below you will find pictures of the Muizenberg beach and the Rondevlei National Park. Click on each photo to view it in its full size.

Muizenberg Cape Town Muizenberg Beach
Muizenberg Surfers Muizenberg
Cape Town Muizenberg Muizenberg Cape Town
Cape Town Rondevlei Muizenberg Rondevlei


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