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Plettenberg Bay Image Gallery. Find high quality pictures of this quiet holiday town located on the Garden Route.


Plettenberg Bay is an elegent town which is known to locals simply as "Plett". The resort was founded in 1778 and is situated only a few kilometers away from Knysna. The Tsitsikamma National Park is located about 50 km from Plettenberg Bay. In the winter / spring months from July to November you will be able to watch dolphins and whales from one of the beaches. You can also rent a boat to experience this spectacle from up-close. The hammerhead shark also calls the Plettenberg Bay region his hunting ground. Small hammerhead sharks can partially be seen from the boat. They mostly hunt the many the seals that are located here! We can also assist you in finding Plettenberg Bay Accommodation should you decide to drive to the Garden Route. Below you will find pictures taken in Plettenberg Bay. Please click on each photo to view it in its original size.


Plettenberg Bay Beach Plettenberg Bay
Plettenberg Baai Plettenberg Bay Garden Route
 Plettenberg Bay Holiday  Plettenberg Bay Beach
 Plettenberg Bay  Plettenberg Bay Beach


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