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Robben Island is located around 12km in the middle of Table Bay off the coast of Cape Town. Separated from the Cape mainland by a narrow channel of seawater, the island is a remote place, considered inaccessible for centuries. The island has been used primarily as a prison ever since the Dutch settled at the Cape in the mid-16th century. South Africa’s first democratic President, Nelson Mandela and the founding leader of the Pan African Congress, Robert Sobukwe, are among the more well known political figures who served their prison sentence on Robben Island during the Apartheid era.

Robben Island Cape Town Prison

Robben Island Nelson Mandela

Robben Island Cape Town Robben Island Nelson Mandela
Robben Island Apartheid History Robben Island Capetown
Robben Island Prison Cell PIcture Robben Island Cape Town Apartheid Prison
Robben Island Hallway

View of Robben Island from Bloubergstrand

Aerial View of Robben Island Robben Island Cape Town
Robben Island Apartheid Prison Robben Island Nelson Mandela Cape Town


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