St Georges Cathedral Pictures

St Georges Cathedral Image Archive. High quality pictures of this wonderful Cape Town church and work of Desmond Tutu.

Sir Herbert Baker built St. George's Cathedral out of sandstone which can be found on Table Mountain. This cathedral is seen as the mother church of the Anglican community in Cape Town and South Africa. It became especially well known thanks to the Archbishop Desmond Tutu during the Apartheid era when it was regarded as a sanctuary for demonstrators against the Apartheit regime. Coming from Adderley Street you will find the cathedral at the beginning of the Company Gardens. Below you will find pictures of the St. George's Cathedral. Click on each picture to view it in its full size.
Cape Town St George's Cathedral Cape Town Cathedral
Cathedral in Cape Town Cape Town Church
St George's Cathedral Capetown Cathedral
CapeTown St. George's Cathedral Capetown Church Windows
Cape Town Cathedral StGeorge Cathedral Capetown


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